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I am only Human, and by his Grace I am saved

Posted by kellydunlow on February 10, 2012 at 1:00 AM

I will start at year 2000 I was a Youth Pastor and thought nothing could ever go wrong. My first mistake I took my eyes off of God and put them on myself, but not at first it was not until 2004 when I hit a rough road I was married with a step son who I still take care of and love dearly, and another one would be coming soon. The problem was more than just me it was where I lived, who I was living with and soon my spiritual life began to take such a dive. When you are around sin for so long it will affect you and it did I stopped going to church, just quit because I was tired of fighting with my ex-wife now about what church we would go to. Yes when I walked away from God my marriage failed, my health went downhill I could no longer work IT GOT HARD FAST.

Some may say that is life NO listen to me when you put your faith in God it will work out but when you try and take control of things you are tying his hands. That is what I did. I began to drink not a little but a lot spending $300.00 bucks in a single night was nothing I was looking for anything and everything searching for something to make me happy. The thing is I knew what would make me happy I just didn't want to go there again I felt like such a failure I walked away from God!

Than when I felt like I was on top of the world my world came tumbling down I drove my new truck that I paid for with cash right into a wall totaling it..... I am told that when the police got there I was sitting on the tailgate drinking a bottle of Jack Daniels. side note I do not even remember driving I remember leaving the bar seeing cops on one side of the road so I went another way 2 hours later I am in a wreck axel under truck broken engine pushed inside hit so hard the back seat flew off the back of the truck, and yet I am still alive. Yes it took me seeing me leaving my son's without a daddy to wake me up.

It has been a long hard road with a lot of speed bumps but God got me back on his plan.... I am telling this to let you know that true Christians do not expect you to be perfect no one is I was a pastor and I failed but the important thing is I am working for the Lord again trying to help those who think the church will judge them. If you are being judged go to another church! Get into a church that preaches the BLOOD OF JESUS! Without the blood we would be condemned to a devils hell. PEOPLE listen I have heard from the time I was 2 years old that Jesus was coming soon. Guess what he is 34 years closer to coming! I can tell you with every fiber of my being every breath I take Jesus will be coming soon.

I ask only this so many say there’s no God because they can't see or hear him but I can tell you I hear his still small voice I feel him and I know there is a God the King of King and Lord of Lords. Do not turn and look the other way I promise time is running out!

I sinned and turned away from God and I can tell you it was the worst thing I ever done but if my mistake can help someone else from making the same mistake than I am glad to share it!

I will even give my number if you need prayer call me 1(757)237-7022

or email me at [email protected]


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