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Christians need to get back to the cross:

Posted by kellydunlow on October 22, 2011 at 8:10 PM

We as Christians need to return to the cross, the cross is not just timber put together it is a symbol of the alter where Christ was slain for all of are sins. Christians have been on the side lines for so long we have lost sight of what the cross represents, the cross is more than just history it’s are future through the cross there is a river where there is salvation, healing, life, strength, wisdom, joy, love, forgiveness all of this is in the river. The cross where Jesus gave his life and his blood was spilt for us and his body was broken for us TO GAIN EVERLASTING LIFE!

We need to get back to the cross America is going downhill fast and I believe the biggest reason is because Christians have allowed so much sin in we have stopped speaking out against everything, America was founded on Christianity and now Christians cannot even pray in public but as we see in New York the Government is allowing Muslims to stop traffic and pray in the middle of the street because that is the hour in which they have to pray. I will say this I thank God I don’t have to wait for a certain hour to pray I can pray anytime any hour to my God! Here is another fact schools across America are changing so Muslims can have their religious beliefs kids playing football are waking up in the early mornings to practice because Muslims during the day have to have their freedoms to worship you may ask what is wrong with this well what happened to Christians rights? Do you think this would be done for us? We need to get back to the cross we need preachers to stop and listen to the spirit of God we need Holly Ghost filled ministers to preach the Cross, to preach the Blood, to let sinners know there is either Heaven or Hell! It’s time to stop playing church and it’s time that churches around the world come together in the name of God and stand up not for riches and not for personal glory but for fruit Paul said it’s not that I desire a gift but I desire fruit that will measure to your account.

 Kelly W. Dunlow III

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