Blessed Hope Chapel

"A Friendly Church With A BIG Welcome"


Quotes I Have Been At Blessed Hope Off And Open Since The Early 1970 When I Married My. Wife We Were Tranferd Away For 12 Years But Came Back Blessed Hope Is A Soul Filling Station The Next Church I Will MOve TO Is Heaven Quotes
Ron Bungert

Quotes Well I want everyone to know Blessed Hope is my home and no matter how long I might be away from there when I walk in the doors I am treated as if I was never away. Rev. Dalton and his lovely wife are mom and pop to me. Now John Smith and his wonderful wife Barbara are now the pastor and pastors wife, I know one thing about John Robert Smith he lives what he preaches and they both will do anything they can to help you. It might be a small church but they are big on love and are a wonderful group of people. Quotes
Melody Bartley

Quotes Dianne, Randy, Robby, and I were charter members of Blessed Hope Chapel until we moved to NC in 1973, we thank God for the time we were at Blessed Hope Chapel and we thank God for the way he has blessed Blessed Hope Chapel, and John and pray for God to continue to bless and meet all the needs of the church. You can visit our current church web site at or on facebook at friends of Haven Church. God bless all of you. [email protected] Quotes
Sinner saved by Grace

Quotes I have been a member of Blessed Hope Chapel since I was a baby, Blessed Hope is more than a church or a place of worship Blessed Hope is family. The members of Blessed Hope have seen me through some hard times and through it all I have always felt loved even when I did not deserve it. If you are looking for a home than visit us. Quotes
Rev. Kelly Dunlow

Quotes i am looking for someone to sponsor me to study further with the word of God this year and i hope and believe my sposnor will come from blessed hope as i am counting on God. Amen.just became a member today but my soul is happy and loved the testimonies. Quotes

Quotes I just want to say God is good and he is moving in a mighty way here at Blessed hope Chapel, Though I should not be surprised at how he moves I am I have seen the Holy Ghost moving and lives touched. What a mighty God we serve! Rev. Kelly Quotes

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